That's More Like It :)

That's more like it.

Getting closer to my personal best of 2012. I'm a bit surprised to be honest, the intention was to go for a long slow run after over a week off. 1km in my watch beeped up a relatively fast (for me) first k so I switched to a shorter, faster 5km. I was kind of worried that the time off since last running would be a problem but it was fine.

24:16 for the 5km at an average pace of 4:51 m/km and 3rd fastest mile at 7:21. Really glad it's now below 5m/km average, something I've been aiming for since getting back into running. And I'm typing this now and bar a few calf twinges feeling pretty good. Bonus!

Next up a long slow one. Probably on Thursday morning. It's an absolute privilege to be running next to the Tay and even more of a joy now it's the weather's getting a little bit more spring like.