Run 3

Run 3

Long, slow run in Tentsmuir and it was pretty nice. I like running here, it's mostly in shade and even when the sun's out there's little to no chance of overheating. I got 13km in and would probably classify this as a partial success.

Let's start with the bad. I should have gone a bit slower. Easy / long runs for my current race pace should be around 5:50 m/km but I went faster than that. And also I didn't got for as far as I'd wanted having started out with the idea of doing 14km in all.

The good though; I managed to slow down a bit after an overly enthusiastic start and tried to push a bit harder on the tenth kilometer and found 5:18 m/km. But that fucked me :D

And the very bad: didn't feel too bad after but a few days later I now have a hamstring strain. Ow.

Overall though 30km running for the week and I feel pretty good. Next week should be about the same.