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Pretty happy with that. An extra-curricular 5km hot on the heels of yesterday's. Went out because I really fancied it and despite a load of wind and snow nearly managed

A Faster Five

5:08 m/km and broadly happy with that. A little gutting as a sub 5 m/km is definitely back on the cards and if it hadn't been so

Back To Running

Back To Running I wanted to collect my thoughts on getting back to running; hopefully get some perspective on where I am now and what I should be aiming for.

Natty Dreads


![](/content/images/2015/Mar/m-h-rj-f-military_green.jpg) Woo! Won a ebay thing and I've now a painfully hip Vulpine Harrington riding jacket in a delightul snot green. £60 but a

Flattered By My Phone


Definitely got the hang of running a slow 10km again after another stressless run back from work again on Friday. Got an amazing (for me) pace of 5:18 m/