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Exercise Plan 24/3/15

![](/content/images/2015/Mar/fail-to-plan-inspirational-quote-wall-decal-vinyl.gif) Very lazy 10 days :) So I need a plan and this is it. Goals 30km running 100km cycling 1 gym trip Strategies Plan out


I tried a bit harder on this run but didn't get much out of it except being a bit knackered. There's a lot of people around me suffering from colds

Welcome To The Kingdom Of Fife

Welcome To The Kingdom Of Fife Yeah! Early morning run in an exceptionally pretty Scottish forest just south of the Tay. A little nippy but mostly a beautiful day and

Slow 10 plus 2

Well yeah, that was good. Aimed for form and distance while ignoring pace. It's windy as all get out and there's no point trying for speed. Managed to get back

The Downside of Metricisation

Gah! Forgot to write about this one: Aim was for a slowish 10km on a relatively hilly route. I pushed a little harder than I'd planned not to the point