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Run 3

Run 3 Long, slow run in Tentsmuir and it was pretty nice. I like running here, it's mostly in shade and even when the sun's out there's little to no

Run 2

Okay, about to Fartlek. Key points are: Don't push hard on warm up Try and stick to plan Don't worry if I can't, it's my first go Enjoy warm down

Run 1

Oh well. Let's see if I can break the fifty minute barrier 10km this year. This is day one of an 8 week program that I got off of Strava.


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![](/content/images/2015/May/fad-diets.jpg) Yeah all right mum Time for another fad diet! I'm 3 years into low carbohydrate eating and on the whole it's been great; lost

That's More Like It

That's more like it. Getting closer to my personal best of 2012. I'm a bit surprised to be honest, the intention was to go for a long slow run after