Run 2

Okay, about to Fartlek. Key points are:

  • Don't push hard on warm up
  • Try and stick to plan
  • Don't worry if I can't, it's my first go
  • Enjoy warm down

And now I am back, having fartlekked. After 20 minutes of a slow, warm up jog I did 8 sets of a minute fast running followed by a minute recovery. And then a gentle warm down of 15 minutes.

I had a fair bit of trepidation before kicking off but despite that it was really good; all of the 1 minutes sprints came in well under an average pace of 5 minutes per km and the at 5:27 minutes per kilometer not a completely awful pace for near the near 10km covered. I even scored a PB on one segment despite the weird slow down / speed up pacing. Great :)

Next week's fartlek session is a bit more demanding, the speed sections are double the length at 2 minutes but still with a minute recovery between them. Again some trepidation but hopefully unfounded again :)