Run 1

Oh well. Let's see if I can break the fifty minute barrier 10km this year. This is day one of an 8 week program that I got off of Strava.

Starting nice and easy with a 30 - 40 minute Easy Run. What's that then? According to McMillan's pace calculator I that should be ~ 5:50 minutes per kilometer. The run was definitely easy and pretty nice too as I managed to get out just before sun rise to run alongside Monifieth beach down by the Tay. A bit nippy out and thanks to some bad wardrobe planning I went our wearing mis-matched gloves. Luckily the few people out and about that time of day didn't mind the fashion transgression.

Run for just over 6km as the sun rose through the mist and overall came in at 5:20 minutes per kilometer. It's too fast though my splits were fairly even. I need to work on dialing in a pace and sticking to it. Next up fartleks on Wednesday. I hate Fartleks though pace management will be a lot easier, just run as fast as I can for a bit :D Going to have a go at programming in a training plan to the watch to help me.