Babun - Making Windows less Windows

Babun is very cool, a very tastefully pre-configured distro of Cygwin along with a useful (though simplistic) package manager called pact.

Introduction to the Babun Project from Tom Bujok on Vimeo.

Sometimes you have to use Windows, it's just the way it is. I find it a bit painful though that's mainly a function of unfamiliarity than any absolute awfulness on Windows' part. I installed Babun earlier this week and the awfulness lessened a bit as it has several things to help me create an environment I feel a bit more comfortable with.

These are the ways that Babun makes me happy:

  • Vim nicely installed and pre-configured
  • Zsh - and even better Oh My Zsh - just the same as one my Mac
    • Git aware too! I really like that my prompt has my current branch in it
  • Nicely isolated - doesn't clash with existant Cygwin installs
  • Update everything script
  • Nice colour scheme and font setup for terminal :D
  • And the terminal is setup well for 256 cols

All in all very happy. I have Vim, Irssi and Tmux using pretty much the same configs I have on the Mac / Linux and can petty much ignore the mouse :D